Fox Racing Shox – Bike Shock Supremacy

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Fox Racing Shox For You

Among the legendary brand names of sports, gears are FOX Racing Shox. Fox Racing Shox has been systematically working to clarify its shock and fork tuning options without eliminating their joyride effectiveness. This brand is known for being the manufacturer of quality suspension systems for off-road bicycles and it is well-known for its exceptional quality and prime dependability in different types of route conditions.

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Fox Racing Shox Flagships

The focus of Fox Racing Shoxgoes on its trail and cross-country products, the classifications where the majority of its buyers fall under, and where the advantages of a streamlined setup and usage technique are most appreciated. Apart from that, its quality is extremely important to guarantee it can completely support the whole bicycle in different types of route conditions, be it in freeway traveling and off-track riding.

Fox Racing Shox Can You Have


Fox Racing Shox Float DPS

The Fox Racing Shox Float DPS provides a broader variety of modifications, because of a fresh dual-piston system, and a more direct spring curve, through a cutting-edge air sock. With bit persistence, you can tune this shock to precisely how you desire it to feel. The updated Dual Piston System depends on the primary piston to manage compression damping in the medium and open modes, although a lower piston is now used for lockout duties.

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Fox Racing Shox RP3

The RP3 is definitely the flagship of the Fox Racing Shox, including adjustable ProPedal by using a 3 position lever. The lever may seem to have a consciousness of its own and has the tendency to leap in between the intermittent position. The on-the-fly lever provides the biker some definitely different ProPedal modes; extremely light compression damping, and a medium volume of pedaling platform. As well as, a firm mode that offers the biker with exceptionally effective pedaling while staying flexible to sharp, straight-edged bumps.